The testing and commissioning of high voltage electrical equipment is a highly specialised activity: to compliment our cabling and jointing services, all our senior engineers are trained to offer a complete range of testing services including high voltage pressure testing and isolations to the highest technical and safety standards.

Our high voltage power engineers are well equipped to test and commission all the equipment within your electrical transmission and distribution infrastructure:

  • Cables are subject to damage; we can carry out a series of tests to identify and locate the fault, then carry out the necessary repairs as required.
  • Transformer testing is crucial for mitigating the risk of operating failure. Due to its static nature, the power transformer can be regarded as a very reliable unit. Nevertheless, there is a possibility of failure because of internal faults as well as being subjected to stresses from external sources which could cause an internal fault condition.
  • Advanced Cabling Contractors offer Earthing Studies, HV Grading Studies and HV Protection Testing Studies. We will determine the required settings to ensure that your equipment has the right protection settings. That way any fault is managed correctly and power distribution assets will be safe during use and if a fault occurs.

Our range of high voltage commissioning services includes:

• Cabling: Earth, Fault location and repairs, Insulation, DC pressure test up to 33kV, VLF pressure testing, Cable Fault Location, DC Cable Testing, HV Cable Sheath Testing, High Voltage AC pressure testing.
• Transformers: HV and LV pressure testing, Oil sampling and testing, AC pressure testing, Ductor test, CT and VT testing, Functionality checks, Full range of transformer and switchgear oil testing
• Protection: Primary and Secondary Injection testing, Trip timing testing and G59 testing, unit protection, distance protection, and bus zone differential protection, HV Protection Grading and Testing
• Earthing: Soil resistivity testing and Earth Electro-testing, Underground fault testing, Pulse echo and Discharge tests, Directional Overcurrent and Earth Fault Relays

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