Cable joints and terminations are an integral element of power distribution, therefore you need to have total faith in the quality of their engineering. At Advanced Cabling Contractors we have fully qualified and authorised engineers in-house who undertake HV cable terminations and jointing works from LV up to 33kV.

Our teams are engineer-led, so we convert designs into practical solutions for our craftsmen to deliver the quality specifications of our clients. The highly skilled jointers you’ll meet on site are well versed in working with the majority of power cable types, as well as small diameter control, telecoms, and fibre optic cabling. This ensures our clients receive a professional and responsive service on every project.

We also have Senior Authorised Personnel (SAP) should clients require us to isolate, secure and issue safety documentation to allow staff to work on any High Voltage System. All staff are fully trained to understand

and implement the company’s safe systems of work – these processes have been developed to ensure all our staff adopt a positive safety culture within our working practices.

Our HV cable jointers have the training and experience to joint and terminate all types of cable whether a new installation of XLPE cable or existing paper lead or PICAS cables from 415V through to 33kV. The varied Joints we install include straight joints, breaches joints and terminations on cable types such as PILC, PICAS, XPLE, EPR triplex cables, both screened and armoured.

We are also trained to work with a variety of different cable joint types such as cold shrink, heat shrink, cold applied, products from manufacturers, Reychem,  Prysmiam, Tyco, Euromold, Coopers, Karl Phisterer as well as Lovink joints and terminations.

In a nutshell:

• LV & HV Terminations
• LV & HV Cable Jointing
• LV & HV up to 33Kv
• Catering to all major cable types
• Control, Telecoms, and Fibre optic cabling
• Cold shrink, heat shrink, cold applied joint types
• Straight joints and breaches joints
• Terminations on PILC, PICAS, XPLE, EPR triplex cables (screened and armoured)

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